Why You Need To Stop These 12 Common Sex Mistakes (Should you want more intimate sex)

Common Sex Mistake #2:

You’re Going Too Fast

Speaking of penetration if you are rushing to it, you are selling yourself short.

Our bodies require much more time to heat up for penetration than many men and women allow.

For a girl to become completely aroused and ready, her vagina requires time to lengthenopen, and lubricate. All her body’s joy spots will need to engorge and ‘switch on’. Jumping directly to penetration signifies less delight, and it could also lead to a good deal of unnecessary pain and distress. Not to mention that the anxiety brought on by hurrying the human body’s natural reactions.

Men desire additional time too. Although an erection may occur immediately, stimulation is another story. Rushing to converse until you are physically and emotionally heated up causes a great deal of unspoken stress for guys, too. Not to cite that the humiliation and frustration of ejaculating before you would like to.

So here is the fix: Before moving to penetration, have a little time to check in on your own.

Sure, there is the clear physical indications: Are you moist enough? Are you tough enough?


But over this, do you texture ready? Are you really excited, however relaxed? Does your entire body feel ? Do you really desire to?

Or are you really moving quicker than you may like?

If you are feeling pressure or anticipation, slow down. Communicate and give yourself permission to be where you are at.

It’s OK to prioritise what you require, and give yourself the time to savour the experience.