How to Tell if Your Girl is Cheating on You

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Nowadays, people talk about infidelity like it’s not a big deal. But it is a big deal. A relationship should be based on trust, mutual respect, and personal freedom. But if these don’t form the basis of your relationship, then it wasn’t meant to be, in the first place.

You have to enter any relationship with your eyes and ears open, but that does not mean that you cast aspersions on your partner for every little thing they do or say, and then start suspecting them of cheating on you. On the other hand, putting on blinders and deluding yourself when the obvious signs are staring you right in the eye, is not in your best interest either.

So, to help you identify the signs that your girlfriend may be cheating on you, we’ve come up with this list of ‘offenses.’ Check out if your girlfriend has been busy – without you.

1. She stops or avoids making plans with you

How to Tell if Your Girl is Cheating on You


If your girl makes lame excuses like she is very busy with work or is unwell every time you make plans for dinner or a movie, then it is cause for alarm that she may not enjoy hanging out with you anymore, and is probably enjoying some other guy’s company. Mind you, that she may even be ditching you to hang out with her friends, not necessarily a guy.

2. She is busy on the phone most of the time

How to Tell if Your Girl is Cheating on You

The scariest part is when you call her at midnight and her phone is busy. When she finally answers after a long time and says that it was her parents’/cousins’ call, trust me, she is lying. Another obvious sign is if she excuses herself to take the call outside your hearing range almost every time she gets a call or whispers on the phone when you are around. That clearly signifies that she does not want you to know or listen in on her conversation with the other dude who is about to replace you!

3. If she avoids your call or message

How to Tell if Your Girl is Cheating on You

If you are used to sending love quotes to her every morning and you do not get a reply back, or you call her many times a day and your call gets answered a mere 2-3 times, then I have bad news for you – she is just not that into you anymore.

4. If even small mistakes result in big fights

How to Tell if Your Girl is Cheating on You

If your girl gets irritated quickly and even your smallest mistakes rile her up, or even if you do not make any mistake and she is just making a big fuss out of nothing, then it is a clear sign that she wants you to know that the relationship is not working. It may even be a subtle hint for a breakup.

5. She is not interested in getting physical with you anymore

How to Tell if Your Girl is Cheating on You

If your girl stops asking you to get intimate with her or she does not like/enjoy every time you make the move or she simply says ‘she is tired and not in mood’ when you ask her, then it is a clear sign that she does not like being physical with you anymore. Possibly, she has other better options lined up than you.

6. You often catch her lying

How to Tell if Your Girl is Cheating on You

If she lies about a lot of things like she was out for a meeting and you find out that she was actually out with a friend or she says that she is going on a business trip and you find out that she went on a holiday with friends then it might be possible that she does not want you to get involved in her plans. She may even be spending time with the other guy, if he’s already in the picture.

7. She flirts with your friends or random guys

How to Tell if Your Girl is Cheating on You

In a get together or a party, if your girl flirts a lot with your friends, greets them with unnecessary hugs or touches, or she goes to a pub and flirts with a random stranger, then it is an obvious sign that she is least interested in you and is open for other relationships.

8. She becomes suspicious

How to Tell if Your Girl is Cheating on You

If she picks a fight over your harmless interactions with other female friends or colleagues and has suspicions that you are dating two people at the same time, then it might be a sign that she may even be doing the same thing! As they say, people usually cast suspicions on others when they themselves are doing the same thing. Her jealousy and tantrums could also be due to her possessive nature, but would you take a chance on it after reading this?

9. ‘I don’t care’ attitude

How to Tell if Your Girl is Cheating on You

If your girl suddenly stops reacting like she used to earlier – in good times and bad, when you did something nice for her or made a mistake sure to anger her – then this most probably shows that she now simply does not care and things related to you does not affect her anymore. She might be focusing her energy on some other guy and none of it is left for you poor fella!

10. Sudden change in appearance


How to Tell if Your Girl is Cheating on You

If your girl starts caring too much about her looks and her closet is stocked with new clothes for no apparent reason, there’s a certain discernible change in the way she talks and carries herself, then these changes are not simply because she wishes to uplift herself as a human being, but for the new guy she is attracted to and wishes to impress.

The above list is no way a definitive guide to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you or not. But at the same time, if you do notice these changes in her for no apparent reason and she refuses to address it whenever you bring it up in conversations, then it’s a surefire sign for you to insist on having ‘the talk’ – sooner rather than later.

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