Insights out of Dr. Kim: Something To Pray About

What would you pray for? Maybe first I want to ask: Do you beg? Maybe you prayed for something previously and it didn’t happen. Maybe that you believe that you’re so far off from God who He doesn’t wish to hear from you. Maybe you believe that if you beg and God sees your name His caller ID, He clicks “decline.” When I ask folks if they beg, I receive a myriad of answers. Some people pray daily and therefore are linked to God. Others rarely, if ever, apologize. There are nearly as many reasons for not praying because there are individuals who answer this question. 

Two influences have described why I beg. The first comes out of a story about three teenage boys at the Old Testament publication of Daniel. They were residing in a foreign territory and have been expected to adhere to the laws and customs of their property. These were really great men who desired to comply –until one day a brand new law needed them to bow down and worship a big gold statue. Their obedience ceased. They knew they might not bow down and worship anyone or anything aside from the one authentic God. As punishment, they had been thrown into a furnace using a flame hotter than anything we can imagine. 

Now this is the part which changed my entire view of prayer. They prayed for God to rescue them. Then they advised the king that if they understood their God would send them from the flame, they’d nevertheless function Him even though He didn’t rescue them. Think relating to it. It’s fairly simple for me to trace God if He shows up, but what should He did not? Could I say I’d function and follow Him? ) It appears pretty easy on the outside, however in regards to “crunch time,” expecting God is often a different story. My concentrate on prayer changed due to the illustration of those three teens who jumped and reliable God regardless of what. I can not say I’m always certain in prayer, but expecting God regardless of the result is now my standard. I beg, then I turn the results to God and hope Him entirely. 

The second impact that’s defined why I beg lives . On our wedding night, Nancy stated, “We need to pray”–in a time once the final thing on my head was prayer! Since that first night of the union, we’ve prayed together nightly at 95 percentage of the moment. We have prayed to our union, for our children, to be great parents, for many others, for marriage generally, and forth. We have observed God appear again and again. Has He answered every prayer how we desired Him to? No, however He has answered every prayer, and we’ve discovered that His manner is obviously the ideal. If there’s one thing which has made the gap in our union, it’s consistent prayer. I don’t have any doubt that why our marriage is stronger than ever now is due to prayer.

Do you plead with your partner? If your response is yes, keep this up. Never cease. If your response is no, are you going to give it a opportunity? Will you commit to pray together daily for another month? I am aware of some of you simply considering praying together with each other is frightening. You might be thinking the fiery furnace doesn’t seem that bad in comparison to praying together. Let me assist. Find a certain amount of relaxation, then start there. It might be as straightforward as deciding what you agree to beg for and then all you praying silently. It really isn’t important where you begin. Just begin. I guarantee you God will appear. He will allow you to know that He is inside this union with you 100 percent. I know this for a fact. If you start praying together now, you won’t ever regret it. Whatever it requires, make that initial step.

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