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From the hustle and bustle of normal life, it’s easy to forget romantic London is. Whether you are pushed into somebody’s armpit yet on your journey, or going to the exact identical community boozer to get a fourth Friday in a row, then it can be challenging to be motivated by your regular.

And still, the funding has much to offer you. With breathtaking royal parks throughout the city center, winding lanes resulting in hidden places in each borough and a variety of occasions to surprise and joy, there are lots of areas to rev up the love — no more red roses needed.

To start off you, we have brought together eight potential date suggestions to put up the scene to ensure that sparks could fly.

Red roses aren’t a necessity for love, but why don’t you create a date from finding the other flowery alternatives available? Each Sunday, east London’s Columbia street is changed to a veritable bazaar of marijuana plants, blossoms and stem-cut blossoms. The audience gives you a reason to remain close together because you dodge between palm fronds and sunflower petals, tripping to lengthen your meetup at among the road’s separate cafes.

Free throughout the day from Wednesday through to Sunday, this unique, off-the-beaten-track museum will rejuvenate any given date. The tall, slim house is filled with dark alcoves and secret doorways, and full to the brim with historical trinkets, sculptures and paintings. The museum is also available on weekends, where you could research by candlelight when enjoying a beverage — or 2.

Oysters have long been rumoured to possess particular qualities, which makes them very the flirtatious talking stage. Whether you fancy talking this salacious fantasy, or just enjoying them using a glass of wine, the Wright Brothers top bar is really a magical location to perform . If you are not fond of shellfish, you will nevertheless be spoilt for selection of choice culinary delights beneath Borough market’s magnificent art deco arches.


Visiting the cinema is almost always a trusted destination destination, particularly if you’re somewhat nervous. The movie takes off the pressure creating conversation, but you will surely have something to talk about should you opt to go on somewhere else. Screen On The Green in Islington updates the standard theatre encounter with upholstered couches, a fully stocked bar and a trendy, retro inside.

This comfy small hideaway is really a cafe during the day, altered to a pub at night using a speakeasy feel. The romantic atmosphere makes it a fantastic place to cosy up for a date over a cocktail, and plus they supply completely totally free live music every Tuesday evening.

Potentially among the most charming spots in town, the Whispering Gallery at St Paul’s is so termed due to a magical quirk in its own structure. The dome which towers over it distorts the acoustics, meaning a whisper from the own walls could be found on the other hand. This simple yet unexpected effect is likely to make your date smile — maybe even after scaling the 256 steps to arrive.

A superb alternative for balmier evenings, drifting through Regent’s park and upward Primrose mountain is just one of the very romantic walks that the town has to offer you. Picturesque Victorian lamp posts line the trails to the peak of the mountain and you might even place a giraffe or 2 as you move on with London Zoo. And there are lots of bars nearby in the event that you would like to keep up following the sun goes down.

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